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It is also bordered by Russia on the east, Belarus on the south east and the Baltic Sea on the west.The most famous travel spot is the capital Riga, whose Old Town is a World Heritage Site.Because of the tribal past and being divided between occupying nations throughout the years, there are regional differences between parts of Latvia which can be interesting to explore.The best time to travel to Latvia is during Summer, from June up to early-September, as it is warm during that period (around 15°C to 20°C) and various local foods are available.Both Nazi Germany and the USSR under Stalin were extremely brutal and murderous during their rule: the Nazis and their local collaborators murdered over 200,000 Latvians, including 75,000 Latvian Jews, while the Soviets, also having local collaborators, threw well over 100,000 Latvians into Siberian Gulags, from which many never returned, and had many thousands arrested locally, with many being shot or tortured.During the time of the Iron Curtain, when Latvia was a province of the Soviet Union, the concentration of heavy industry was enormous.

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As heavy industry halted a while ago, most places are ecologically clean.

Latvia's unspoilt sea coast is a 500 km long wild beauty, mainly consisting of white, soft sandy beaches.

Forests cover approximately half of Latvia's territory and are home to many nature trails and nature parks. The famous route from the Vikings to the Greeks mentioned in ancient chronicles stretched from Scandinavia through Latvian territory, along the river Daugava, to the Kievan Rus and Byzantine Empire.

Although the social and cultural differences between the regions of Latvia are not large, they still exist.

An example of that is the traditional dress which is different from region to region.

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